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PNB CEO resignation, a shocking news to everyone

Prominent leaders are saying goodbyes, affect PN in the GE15

RESIGNATION of Jalil Rasheed came as a shocking news to many of us, especially young Malaysians who look up to him since his appointment as the PNB CEO.

A much-needed young face in the world of corporate relics, Jalil is an inspiration for many youths.

Albeit Jalil’s appointment after Pakatan Harapan (PH) came into power was arguably driven by political motives as well, his credentials and track record cleared a huge chunk of doubts among us.

However, his goodbye message leaves a lot to ponder.

Either hold to your principle and leave, or cross the line and have that scar engraved forever. I believe a similar tone was delivered just a couple of weeks ago when Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee bid his farewell to PETRONAS employees.

We cannot help but to wonder what exactly is happening ‘up there’?

If Perikatan Nasional (PN) continues this trend where prominent leaders are saying goodbyes, while incompetent folks are appointed to GLCs positions and as Senators, they can expect an uphill battle in the next GE15.

The people demand a transparent and merit-based culture in the governance, not kept in the dark and blindly accepting whatever decisions made by the government.

In this age of information, news travel fast and words spread faster than a wildfire.

Be warned, people are watching. And they are watching with intent.

Asyraf Badhrul,
Chief Information
Angkatan Pemuda Berjasa (ANGKASA)

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